An evening silhouette under fall trees
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Fall in Berkeley | November 2014 | Copyright 2014


Iíve been at my new job for six months now, and Iím completely in it. This past week was so packed with problem solving and meeting the needs of others that all I wanted to do this weekend was stay at home and catch up on ďThe Walking DeadĒ. (A whole new set of villains this season?? Really? Will we ever get to DC??) Somehow I got talked into going to visit a friend, and we went for walks and ate a lot of food, and talked about a whole bunch of topics that you can only really talk about with friends, and in the end I was very glad that I left the house.

Cal Berkeley campus in the fall is really lovely too, and it made me want to relive my youth and give that whole University thing another shot. Maybe next time around.

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